Testosterone – new discoveries about the male hormone (2019) Testosterone has long been seen as a metaphor for aggression, but is there really anything to the idea of the testosterone-driven male? Prominent scientists explain how subtle the hormone’s effects actually are.

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About as subtle as this dude ripping his shirt off


As someone who was diagnosed with low T at a pretty young age (early 20s), and who has been on TRT ever since, personally I don’t feel that testosterone makes me more aggressive. But it does make me a lot less emotional. I feel good, but it’s like I’m just numb to sentimental or sad things. I also have a lot less anxiety. I can tell when it’s getting low because I become a lot more emotional and sappy, and my anxiety increases. 🤷‍♂️




I was on testosterone for about a year. It was not subtle for me. Obviously that’s anecdotal. If you watch this, also watch/read female to male transgender people talk about the affects of testosterone.


I’ve had low T for at least 20 years. It sucks. No energy, always wanting to sleep. I take testosterone and it by the time it starts helping me, my insurance stops paying for it because now my blood test shows I don’t have low T any more. So then I have to stop taking it and go through another 4-5 months of feeling like shit, get another test that shows low T, get T prescribed, then taken away from me again. If I had $500 a month, I could just stay on it and feel fine. Fuck insurance, fuck for-profit healthcare.