The anti-vax movement is effectively reversing decades of progress in disease prevention: WHO no longer consider measles to be eradicated in the UK. Albania, the Czech Republic, and Greece have also lost their measles-free status.

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As a species, we are currently outpacing natural selection. Idiots essentially standing on the shoulders of giants. I dont know what the solution is. Anti Vaxx people are essentially part of a religeous cult. They think their feelings are worth the same as actual medical research. They are also like Flat Earthers… They think they are clever… Only they have noticed the conspiracy. They are sticking it to the man… Fucking idiots.


All because morons believe other morons.


When mankind lives in abundance and safety, it produces generations of idiots it seems.


Is there a way to charge Andrew Wakefield with a crime against humanity? He’s the founder of this shit.


With Trump, Brexit, anti-vax and all that fuckery I’m starting to think people are just bored with how incredibly survivable modern life is in a lot of countries, and they want to unleash chaos and see what happens. Kinda like when I was a kid and bored so I’d pour all the cereal out onto the kitchen floor and see if my parents lost their shit