The decline of organized labor and America’s middle class

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Are we better off now then 30 years ago?? You are going to get WILDLY different answers based entirely on age. No houses, dual income families, higher suicide rates, mass shootings, threat of climate change , student loans and a brain dead healthcare system. People cannot even afford to have children anymore.


Lol this comment thread turned into a clusterfuck of generational opinions, few of which are even related to the podcast material.


Lots of people (most of whom probably were not there) seem to have a very rose colored view of life in the 1950s in the US. Among other things I’m guessing those people are white.


Real hourly wages are up 2.5x since 1950. Meanwhile CPI has risen 6x since 1950. The only reason median wages have kept up with CPI is hourly workers are working way more hours. Middle class workers are not better off than they were in 1950 no matter what anyone in this thread says.


Name a time when America’s middle class was richer than it is now.