There are more atheists in the midwest than you’d expect

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Minnesota here, near the Twin Cities. It’s not too bad here. You get the anti-abortion billboards (One that enraged me talked about a fetus at a few weeks old and showed a baby with hair, open eyes and a smile – obviously many weeks old.) and there are plenty of churches, but the everyday banter seldom has religious aspects. There are plenty of people here who will say the stupidest, most Christian things, but they’re a minority. edit: I see that I typed the billboard example poorly. I meant to say that they talked about a fetus a few weeks after conception and the baby they showed had been born many weeks ago. The disgusting, deliberate lie sickened me.


Imagine this world ending because the rich and god fearing allowed it to.


> I don’t hide it at all. To anyone. Excellent. If all atheists were open about it, it would cease to be perceived as eccentric. Too many theists don’t even realize it’s an option.


I feel like the more passionate Christians there are the more passionate atheists there are.


From the Midwest myself and yes there are plenty but abuse is rampant so lots stay low key. I have know people with their cars vandalized from FSM stickers and stuff like that.