This new clean energy generator runs on nothing but cold, night air

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The only kicker to this generator needs to be in a dry climate. No humidity or else the output isn’t as good. So, desert and polar regions could use this and it’s really fascinating.


Can someone explain how this is not going to work?


Sooo… When are we getting a bodysuit variant that simply uses human heat? Isn’t the human body a better source of heat difference than the night air?


“Raman wants to reach locations where even solar panels and wind farms would be less appealing energy solutions than his innovation because they require regular maintenance or new parts. And indeed, Raman has partnered on another project that might build radiative cooling technology into solar panels. The panels could convert solar energy during the day, and then switch to emitting heat-based energy at night.” Now that’s a bright idea.


In order for this to generate a significant amount of power you need a constant heat source and a way to cool the cold side. If they aren’t using a dedicated heat source their system will reach a temperature equilibrium much faster. Once equilibrium is achieved you no longer have electrons flowing.