TIL that every year on September 11, firefighters in the United States will climb 110 flights of stairs in full gear in buildings or at the gym to remember the 343 firefighters who lost their lives that day.

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A few years ago my uncle, who is a firefighter, did a 5k in New York. They ran the same route that firefighters had to run to get to the wreckage, but he and some others ran it in their full gear. It’s been 18 years and we still all come together for this anniversary. It’s great to see the support for what these people went through!


Best part they don’t do it for the notoriety, but to know what those guys went through and to remember. Because after the climb, they went to work.


There are videos of the PASS alarms chirping in the wreck. Each and every one of those was a fallen firefighter.


Many firefighters in Canada do this as well.


Not just firefighters. Anyone who wants to honor the victims and the first responders. I participated in a stair run today myself, though granted I was not in fire gear and didn’t make it the whole distance. A lot of these donate any proceeds from these events to charities