TIL that Germany has launched a rocket with yeast on board into space. When the rocket returns the yeast will be used to make beer. Making it effectively space beer.

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It seems somehow inevitable that Germany would, eventually, make space beer.


Seems like a pretty dumb gimmick that will have no effect on the taste of the beer.


Every atom on the planet, or components of it, has already been in space. Regular beer is already space beer.


This seems like the exact kind of absurd set up an 80s campy zombie movie would have. ​ ​ Tagline: They just wanted to create space beer, now they’ve created the apocalypse.


“Genieße das Leben ständig! Du bist länger tot als lebendig!” > Always enjoy life! You are dead longer than you are alive! I totally googled that. But now I know a cool toast if I’m ever in Germany.