TIL that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a “pirate certificate” to students who complete the archery, sailing, fencing, and pistol or rifle shooting courses. The department frequently holds “pirate induction” days and has had a steady stream of students awarded the achievement.

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Good to know they’re getting the proper training and certificate. Wouldn’t want a bunch of unauthorized pirates roaming the seas around Nantucket.


Yep! I go there. Essentially, undergrads have to take 4 PE classes to graduate. They have the pirate thing as a way to make the requirement a bit more fun. However, every PE class, including the pirate classes, has a limit of students to register (usually around 20). Every quarter of the year, they open up registration for PE classes at 8 AM on a particular day. Then, people log into the website, and the first X-number of people who register get to take the class. After that anyone else doesn’t. Naturally, the pirate classes are very highly in-demand. So much so that the classes are usually full within the first 10 minutes of registration being open. This being MIT, registering for PE classes has turned into an unofficial programming competition – whoever can write a computer program that will register for their classes faster than someone else’s program ends up getting to take the class. It’s pretty neat.


If only I wasn’t 35, in the UK and dumb as a stump.


What is a Pirates favorite letter?? R? You would think that, but tis the C they love. My favorite dad joke.


Um, they’re missing the courses for gambling, cheating, drinking, making rum out of anything, sleight of hand, and winning wenches