Trump news: President revives claim he was at ground zero after 9/11 despite fire chief saying he was ‘never’ there

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How long until the fire chiefs boss comes out and says Trump was there on 9/11?


Of all Trump’s lies, him taking credit for physically digging through rubble at ground zero has to be the worst. I mean maybe not the most harmful, or the most greedy, but just the most disrespectful. He enjoys nothing more than shitting all over other people, and usually for no real purpose other than he just likes to. The people who work for him have to tolerate this on a daily basis, and honestly I don’t know how they maintain any self-respect.


no it’s true, and they named it “9/11” after his height, because he’s 9 feet 11 inches tall. It’s true, look it up, believe me.


This should go right up there with stolen valor. What a fucking piece of shit. Real American heroes died there that day, men and women who put there lives on the line knowing full well they might never see there families again. This angers me so much because I come from a family of first responders, my brother is a third generation police officer and my sister served in the military, and this spineless draft dodging coward wants to blatently lie to this nation and to my grandfather and to my father and to my brother and to every single family member who lost a loved one that day? Donald, the day you finally leave this earth and return to whatever endless dark abyss you were summoned from will be a day for every true blooded American to rejoice. May you never rest in piece and may your soul be forever tormented. The only thing that might make me angrier is that when he does die he’s going to get a state funeral……how undeserving of an individual to be given such an honor.


Didn’t you know it’s was trump who single handledly pulled the survivors out of the rubble?