What is the biggest load of bullshit you have ever been told?

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Oxygenated water. That is, bottled water that has extra dissolved oxygen in it, for athletic-type things. Because we breathe oxygen, and more oxygen must be good for you right? Except two things- 1- You don’t have lungs in your stomach. 2- The “Oxygenated Water” is just regular old water.


My mom telling me she never drank or smoked weed as a teenager and was a virgin until she was 28. My dad had a field day dismantling those statements.


Retail job last year. “What days are you available? We’ll make your shifts work for you”. They proceeded to call me while I was on the way to the cemetery to inter my father’s ashes and demand to know where I was, *as if I hadn’t told them about this fucking weeks ago during my interview*. Three months of similar bullshit later and I quit. Didn’t even bother to hand in a notice, just called them and told them I wasn’t coming in again. Fuck retail.


’If you are honest then everything will be alright’


Not the biggest bullshit I’ve ever been told but I started working at a new place recently and everyone hates this 25 year old kid and I didn’t understand why. I’d spoke to him a few times, seen him speak to others and he seemed fine. Then they said “He’s a compulsive liar, he’ll tell you he’s a nascar driver, wins drift competitions on the weekend etc”. So I’m like okay. Anyway one of the first times we met he told me about his Japanese girlfriend. Couple of days later he was talking to one of the co-workers about how his relationship ended because she had to go back to China. I said “Isn’t she Japanese though?” and he just walked off.