What total dick move did you experience?

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I used to work at KFC, on my first day they had me on register, and this lady walks up to order. I was moving rather slowly so I told her it was my first day and apologized for taking so long. She seemed super nice and understanding, so I thought I was in the clear. As I handed her receipt she says “Where’s my free drink? You told me I got a free drink.” I definitely never said this and was confused as shit as to what to do, because it was obvious she was trying to take advantage of it being my first day. She then waves my manager over, tells her I promised her a free drink and that she expects a free drink now. My manager threw me a dirty ass look as she hands this lady a cup. Luckily a co-worker was standing nearby and confirmed that I never told her anything about a free drink, so my manager let it go.


My dad had a baby with his then 18-year old girlfriend when I was 15. He gave me a debit card to his bank account and she had one too. He was a truck driver at that time, so he instructed me to withdraw $40 from his account every Tuesday when he got paid. My mom was broke, he wasn’t paying child support, so this money was my lunch money and money for necessary items like tampons. Dad’s girlfriend got the whole rest of his check for her and the baby. For a while, the girlfriend was buying the baby some new swing or bouncer that he didn’t need every week. One week, she wanted to buy this huge saucer thing with all of these toys attached to it. It was really expensive and she fell about $40 short of being able to afford it. So, she got up really early in the morning (like 5 AM) before she knew I’d be awake to go to the ATM and she withdrew all of the money so she could buy the baby the swing and I wouldn’t get any money to eat with.


Posted this in another AskReddit yesterday. Met a couple in an airport bar leaving Vegas. Guys bragging about $ he won, house and income he has back home (I’m 23, working as a barback and living at parents’.) He suggests we play blackjack to pass time, insists we play for $ ($5 per hand, in his terms “low stakes”). So overhead announcement comes for him to board and I’m up $25 bucks. He refuses to settle up and said it was just for fun.


My friend slept with my wife just because. I’d probably count that one.


When I was in grade school, my family was one of the poorer families in a private Catholic school. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was only there because of loans from my wealthier uncles. So it was a rarity that I ever had money , whereas most of my classmates had at least some kind of allowance. I don’t remember how, but one day I had a few dollars. One of the most popular guys in my grade did not have money for lunch, and I packed every day anyways, so I lent him the money needed, thinking we might even become friends as a result. Several days later he still hadn’t paid me back. So I asked him nicely about it. His response was to loudly sigh and say, “I don’t feel like dealing with this,” reach into his pocket, and pull out the amount he owed me in quarters and dimes. Then instead of handing the coins to me, he threw them across the room onto the floor, making me go search for them on my hands and knees beneath chairs. It has been over 20 years since that happened, and I feel petty and small whenever I think about it. But I still can’t help but think about it occassionally. And whenever I do, I still get the urge call that guy up and say, “fuck you”.