When false claims are repeated, we start to believe they are true, suggests a new study. This phenomenon, known as the “illusory truth effect”, is exploited by politicians and advertisers. Using our own knowledge to fact-check can prevent us from believing it is true when it is later repeated.

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“Using our own knowledge to fact-check” is literally how this phenomena propagates. Learn how to check sources and find legitimate ones. Learn how to read studies and how to debunk their methodology.


> The quote, which reads “Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it,” is attributed to the Third Reich’s propaganda supremo, Dr Joseph Goebbels. EDIT – Thanks for the silver kind Redditor


Hitler literally said this I mean it was known for ages


Better known as “gaslighting”


No kidding look at the past 3 years of the Russian collusion narrative. People actually believed it. I thought they were just screaming for politics but when the Mueller report came out people were devastated. That’s when I realized people actually believed it.