When trying to build muscle what’s more important? Getting the right amount of protein? Or eating healthier foods?

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Just for muscle growth? Protein and calories that’s the simple answer.


Have you ever heard of dirty bulking? It’s possible to gain weight and muscle eating absolute garbage provided you meet your macros, especially protein.


Protein. Healthier foods helps for sure, and obviously has plenty of other benefits, but protein is way, way more important than anything else. Obviously you can do both, so do them both if you can! But if muscle building is the priority, then protein is the priority. Assuming you haven’t already met your protein goals, of course.


Getting in the calories.


Not a popular answer but the truth is both. If you get enough unhealthy protein you will grow muscle but won’t recover as quickly. If you don’t get enough protein you won’t grow muscle but you’ll bounce back quicker in the gym.