Youth pastors are so cringe

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Wasn’t a youth pastor, but the Pastor of the church at one point talking to the youth. ​ They were preaching that oral sex was immoral because it amounted to worshipping genitals. ​ Turns out that ended up being a more attractive religion to practice


I completely agree. 99.99% of them don’t understand teenage atheists. They think that we’re either rebellious, or hate our parents, or had a bad experience with the church when we were younger, or that we hate God, or that we want an excuse to sin, or any other reason. It’s like they can’t even fathom that we don’t believe in God simply because there is no good reason to believe. Quite ironically, they see us as juvenile and immature, yet they believe in talking snakes and virgin births. It’s best just to laugh at them.


Ah yes, before my parents stopped making me go I trumped many a dumb youth pastors in “debate”.


As a former youth pastor and current atheist, I can say that one of the hardest parts of the job was feeling the need to constantly be relevant and “cool” to teenagers. As a person who cared a lot about actually knowing what I was talking about, I was much more interested in the deep conversations about why we believe and how we live, but I always felt the pressure from the church to teach what they expected me to teach. It was hard because most teenagers in youth group certainly don’t care about deep theological and philosophical conversations about the universe and the nature of existence. So you’re relegated to playing stupid games and being shiny and cool to attract more people who couldn’t care less about what your actual message is. The struggle is real on the youth pastor side too. 🙂


I take your post and raise you “Conspicuously gay but married super young their co-youth pastor”.