YouTube advertises big brands alongside fake cancer cure videos – YouTube’s algorithm promotes fake cancer cures in a number of languages and the site runs adverts for major brands and universities next to misleading videos, a BBC investigation has found.

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Stories like this have made me cynical. The BBC trying to push for another adpocalypse? Whoever wrote this wants to create a controversy that will damage YouTube by making those brands pull their ads and those universities use their political influence to attack Google. The media knows that YouTube has limited means to prevent people from uploading this kind of content beyond reactive algorithms. I think they want to destroy “big tech” because they are competition. The losers are the users and regular people.


And? This is simply guilt by association. Anyone with half a brain knows these brands aren’t individually picking the videos they appear on.


I saw some instances of videos claiming black salve is a cancer cure, which is horrifying as it is extremely dangerous. I understand that algorithms have limitations, but I really hope YouTube can find a way to clamp down on this content.