A Saudi princess has received a 10-month suspended sentence over the beating and kidnapping of a plumber in her luxury Paris apartment.

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so they illegally imprisoned him, they beat him, threatened to kill him and she faces 0 jail time due to nothing other than the fact she’s wealthy. if this were a poor man he’d be in for a decade and the judge wouldn’t blink. why do you let them walk all over your society?


Her lawyer reportedly said during the trial that she had offered to appear in court via Skype. This princess is the sister of Mr. Bone Saw.


> Taking photos of the princess is illegal under Saudi law. This is the problem right here. I don’t give a fuck about Saudi law. These entitled pieces of shit expect us to obey all their shitty laws, and when they come here, they want us to also respect their laws. They really take our kindness for weakness. And sometimes it seems like it really is a weakness. I would love for some European countries to stop kowtowing to Saudi money and hold them responsible.


> While taking pictures of the bathroom, which he told investigators he needed to carry out his work, he caught her reflection on camera. Realising her image had been captured, she called in her bodyguard who tied Eid up, punched and kicked him and ordered him to kiss the princess’s feet. Jesus


The saudis in America just rape and run people over with cars before our government helps whisk them out of the country.