Bernie Sanders says his administration will ‘cancel all student debt in this country’

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I don’t have student loans but I do have 2 kids and I would like to send them to college without it destroying my life savings.


Good! I paid off my loans but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna pull a Boomer of “I got mine. Fuck you.” And pull the ladder up with me. Student loan debt is an anchor on the economy. We should free ourselves from it.


My napkin math says that if Bernie wins the forgiveness will occur literally within a month or two of my payoff date and I still think this is the purest idea in the world. If you’re thinking on this is “I had to, they should too” then you’re a short sighted selfish monster.


Gives me chills. He has literally released so many VERY detailed plans that go so much further than even Warren, which is shocking. He has to win


I wasn’t able to catch the debate and am not super familiar with his entire plan – does it address how to handle future student debt? Is he advocating free college going forward?