Court rules that vA Will Now be required to pay for veterans medical bills at non-VA facilities

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Not uplifting. The admin has been trying to privatize vet care, move it over to profit centers. This does not bode well for those pesky ill and injured vets long term.


I am technically in range of a va clinic, but it takes me about an hour to get there due to traffic, and always a 30 day wait time for an appointment. It’s pretty frustrating. I have resorted to having healthcare through my employer.


This happened to my ex-FIL. He had a heart attack a few years back but they lived in a moderately remote part of the county and the nearest VA was about an hour away. When it happened, his wife called 911, as you do, and they took him to the nearest ACLS facility. The VA denied his claim and he later got a bill for his stay and care. I forget the exact amount but it was $100k+. ​ Really f’ed up that someone in their 70’s, let alone a vet, could be could be wiped out financially or forced in to bankruptcy because of all that.