I have a new daughter and I don’t want to lie to her.

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I would recommend a different track, educate yourself on actual Catholic positions. Hint: it’s not what most Catholics believe. The best counter every time I talk to a Catholic that rejects evolution, is: “are you aware that the Vatican and the Pope have called evolution a fact? That the Catholic Church has never opposed evolution?” Similar arguments can be used for many issues. It’s my experience that the most educated Catholics within the church are an epsilon away from being Deists. You can use that in your favor. Besides that, you can make sure that your daughter learns proper reasoning skills. Learns that “I don’t know” is the must important phrase that any honest individual has to be able to say. That faith is no substitute for evidence and knowledge. Teach her proper reasoning skills, be honest, provide learning opportunities, and she will figure things out by herself.


Congratulations, this should be a happy time. I dont see any conflict between raising her Catholic and you being honest about your views; you can just be clear you dont agree when she asks you specific things. Tell your wife that if her religion is so weak as to not be able to stand some comparison with reality, then your daughter will lose her faith anyway.


She’s your kid. Raise her how you want and don’t concern yourself with how other people in the family react to it other than your wife. With her, be honest and open about the subject. Your beliefs aren’t less important than hers, but neither are hers less important than yours. How you’re going to raise your child and what you’ll teach her about the world is something you need to have an open dialogue about, even if the subject is difficult to discus.


Teach her: * about other religions * that every religion is different * that every religion says it is the right one and all the others are wrong * that every religion says everyone who believes in the wrong religion goes to hell * that no religion has any evidence to support any of its claims * that oughta do it * no charge


Just be honest with your kids. They are smarter than you think. I told my kids I dont believe in religion but I won’t stand in their way if they want to.