I like 25 letters of the alphabet

But I love u

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I fucking hate ‘q’. It’s an utterly useless letter, making a sound that can be easily replicated with ‘kw’. And it’s always got its bitch ‘u’ always attached. Grow up, you stupid fucking q, you don’t need your mommy every time you DO get in a word. AND, if we got rid of it, we’d have 25 letters instead of 26, and 26 is a terrible number because 2*13 is a terrible rectangle, while 5*5 is a SQUARE. Those fucking Romans. At least they had the c/k/s problem sorted out, but they didn’t even need a K because C always made a hard C in Latin! I’m going to crack Romulus’ neck and feed his corpse to his wolf-mom for adopting a stupid alphabet!


Typical. Every time someone says they love me it ends up being a joke.


I thought it was going to be “I don’t know y”.


…take my damn upvote


I like 25 Letters of the alphabet. Fuck u