Someone told me that I was only an atheist because I hadn’t found the right church yet.

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You should remind him of the fact that reality only comes in one package. The mere idea of a right church invokes the inevitable wrong church too. Thousands no less. That’s not how reality works 🙂


And the only reason they aren’t Muslim is that they haven’t found the right mosque yet. If they disagree, ask why they have the double standard.


His noodly appendage reaches for us all. Join the Pastafarian congregation for the best and biggest balls.


In your comment you have provided your comeback. If the person is a man: “you’re only heteroosexual because you haven’t found the right man.” If the person is a woman: “you’re only heterosexual because you haven’t found the right woman.”


Respond that they’re only Christian because they haven’t joined the Satanic Temple yet. Makes exactly as much sense.