“There are 480 species of animal that exhibit homosexual behaviour, but only one species of animal on Earth that exhibits homophobic behaviour. So which is normal?” —Stephen Fry

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I honestly don’t understand why people care, it’s not like we’re running out of humans any time soon. Plus I’m too concerned with my own bullshit to worry about who anyone else wants to bang.


The “unnatural” argument is really not something to be responded to with “no, it’s not unnatural”. A far better response would be “so what?”. Even if homosexuality were unnatural, how would that make it wrong or immoral? We cook food, wear clothes construct houses and *use the friggin’ internet* none of which is natural. If you want to live naturally, go live naked in a cave in perpetual fear of getting eaten by something and die of some preventable disease before you’re 35.


When scientists observe something on animals that agrees with religion, religious people be like : “EveN aNimALs aRe rELigIous bUt AtheiStS arEnT” ​ and when animals behave different from us : wE areNt AniMAls WhY sHouLd wE ImitaTe TheM.


Also, if god is against changing genders, why did he make so many animals that do it?


> but only one species of animal on Earth that exhibits homophobic behaviour. To be fair, many animal species exhibit tribalistic responses to members of their own species. Homophobia is partly a tribalistic response in humans. He’s correct though that animals don’t really see a problem with homosexuality, to most animals sex is sex is sex, regardless of the bits involved. But it’s somewhat incorrect to imply that only humans behave in tribalistic ways. I personally consider tribalism to be one of the most toxic remnants of of our hominid ancestry and the cause of untold strife and violent conflict. Any ideology that encourages that tribalism (like religiously based homophobia) involves people acting more like apes than rational beings. And while we are all apes, I think we should all aspire to be better apes than our ancestors.