Toyota is trying to put solar panels on a Prius to charge battery during the day

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It is so annoying when people tell me their genius idea, putting solar panels on a Tesla. Why doesn’t Tesla already do this, they wonder? Because the amount of energy captured by such a minuscule surface area would barely recoup the inefficiencies of the added weight… That, and a Tesla is sexy in a way that a vehicle plastered with solar panels would have a hard time replicating. BTW, if you take the ferry to Alcatraz, they will try to impress with you solar panels and a helical wind turbine on the ferry itself. But pay attention, and they admit it doesn’t do anything more than power the loudspeaker. The boat runs on diesel. Because of course it does. If a few panels could power a ferry, we’d have gotten off oil long ago!


If if ,all the glass could work as solar on any elec veh, how may sq ft x electrons x = miles


So did all you guys read a different article or what? Because the article that is linked here says that you can drive for 50km a day, 4 days of the week and NEVER need to charge. How is that not usefull?


Nice! A $2,000 add-on to gain about 5 miles of charge a day. Totally worth it.


Thats neat but its not going to get you much.