Apple is getting slammed by both Republicans and Democrats for pulling an app used by Hong Kong protesters to monitor police activity

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People talk shit about Russian influence, but China is a far bigger threat to us than Russia. They exert far more influence across many more players, especially in the very entities charged with providing us with our information and opinions… news, entertainment, media, and tech companies. Blizzard, Disney, NBA, Vans, Mercedes, Gap, Tiffany, Marriott, Nike, Apple, RayBan, American Airlines, Delta, the list goes on… all companies who have caved on the past couple of weeks over Hong Kong and Taiwan rhetoric at the drop of China’s hat. Mega multi-nationals, who all spend billions on lobbying and political influence. Think about that for a few minutes.


It’s odd in this political climate that so many people on both sides of the isle are on the same side about something. I’ve yet to talk to someone in the US that doesn’t support Hong Kong.


Does someone need to play the original “1984” ad for Tim Cook?


Never seen the (Hong Kong) app but isn’t that what Waze does? Police have fought that in the US for a awhile now but it’s still up. Thankfully


It’s always ok to tell China to fuck off. All the human rights violations that we are aware of are more than enough.