China: A Century Of Revolution (1997) – Part one of an incredible 6 hour documentary covering the CCP and the Republic of China, Taiwan, and everything in between. A fantastic starting point for anyone looking to learn more.

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People don’t want to actually learn about China. They want a post with a funny picture saying “China bad”. So they can upvoted it and think they are making a difference against China. Good effort tho OP.


Ok I’m going to ask a question that I’m sure will get downvoted to oblivion. I know china is getting a lot of attention and stuff, and i believe they do some sketchy shit as well, but how much of it is actually provable?( Like with regards to organ harvesting and genocide). Searching online shows nothing with concrete evidence, and the witnesses seem to all be rebels from what I’ve seen. Who’s to say all these claims are true? Like why are we judging a country so hard without knowing the facts? I’m really asking here because i was asked the same thing and i couldn’t defend my original position on the matter.


At this point, I’m kinda surprised Youtube(Google) hasn’t come up with an excuse to be able to erase any videos surrounding this.


Thank you for posting. Very informative.


I think it’s a huge oversight to leave out what lead to the dynasties’ fall, it plays a large part in the Chinese stance towards western imperialism, not to mention the first Opium war was what really started the downfall of Imperial China.