LPT: If you want to start an Audible subscription they give you 2 free audiobooks to start with. But THEN you can go to cancel the subscription and mark the reason as “too expensive”. They will offer you a 50% discount for the next 3 months with 1 free credit each month.

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Now you’ll feel like it’s a good deal and actually will *buy* the subscription. For money. But you probably didn’t want to do it in the first place. But now you know this “secret” and will get special price. It’s like going to buy a 0.5 L soda and then seeing 5 L on a sale and buying it instead. Think about it 🙂


Also, you can return books you don’t like and get your credit back.


I’ve also found that for a lot of books (not all mind you) if you buy the kindle version of the book (often about $8) it will give you the option to “add naration” for $2. That narration is the audible book and will work in the audible app. The book series I’ve been listening to in my commute for the last few months is about $25 per book if you buy just the audible version, so it’s been a considerable savings.


Or download your public library’s app and get audiobooks for free?


I was being offered progressively higher discounts as the months went on. In the end it became a game to see how much free shit they’d throw at me. I feel like it got to a point six months on that they offered me a couple of months for a couple of bucks but then they were like ‘last chance, seriously’ and I’ve not gotten anything from them in a long time. I have no intention of getting a subcription but keen to know when my next bit of bait is to arrive.