LPT: When speaking to someone who doesn’t speak your language or speak it fluently, don’t treat them as if they are uneducated.

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Hell I don’t think I even speak my own language fluently. Why else can’t I ever seem to use voice recognition…


Yep. I talk way above their heads using only the most recondite language I know. It’s the only way to teach em


I work with a lot of people who don’t fluently speak English. A lot of coworkers just speak louder when they realise they’re not talking to a native English speaker, instead of speaking slower and clearly or substituting unusual words. If someone’s speaking to you in a language they don’t speak fluently then chances are they’re already self conscious about it, speaking to them like a kid doesn’t help anyone.


I agree with thw feedback. I have been in the uk for nearly 7 years, working in finance. Well the moment I take a call and the brokers I speak to start acring absolutely horrible when they hear my accent, even challenging me directly asking ‘do you even know what that mean’. Well yes I do, I have had the same training and education as yourself however I choose a different route. Anyway, I can’t say that, but it really hurts me being treated differently just because I do have accent, which is actually mixture of Scottish and Eastern European that makes most a bit confused but still. Getting attitude just because I have accent, without even being given a chance to show knowledge and level of service. Hopefully changing careers soon tho, and one day I wish someone will address that so people realise how that attitude is disrespectful and hurtful. Especially on the back of Brexit, just feeling like a lower quality human.


I notice this more for people who speak a single language. If you dont say the proper word correctly they won’t understand you. And when I was in Germany I was talking to a guy speaking in English/German and we were able to understand each other coz we tried to get the context of the sentence of the intent rather than just focusing on saying words correctly.