‘Tip of the Iceberg’: Prosecutors Allege Vast Criminal Conspiracy by Giuliani Associates to Funnel Foreign Cash to Trump and GOP

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This is getting gooooood. I can’t wait to see those paper trails.


Please find out they used his hotels to launder money and the government can seize his properties.


The significance of this is that SDNY FBI never stopped the investigating Trump’s election shenanigans. And I would be money that Cohen’s name will come up as witness. This was an investigation that went on for months. It was going on while Guilianni was going to Europe with these guys. And it comes out the day after reports that Rex Tillerson reported Trump ask him to intervene in prosecution of another of Guilianni’s clients.


There’s a non zero chance that in the near future Rudy will be arrested at an airport disguised as a woman trying to flee the country. That wouldn’t even be the stupidest thing to happen in all of this.


The key point is that they were arrested trying to flee the country. You know, the kind of thing innocent people do all the time.