Capturing elephants from the wild hinders their reproduction for over a decade

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I mean its pretty common with a lot of non domesticated animals so im not super surprised


I wonder if the effect exists, or is at least less pronounced, if the wild animal is captured for different purposes. I imagine that adjusting to life in a zoo with a large enclosure is less stressful than adjusting to life of hard labor in the timber industry. I suppose there is even a chance that the effect is greater in a zoo, as the working elephant may get more exercise, but I doubt it.


First I’ve seen my university on here, that’s cool I wonder if this would affect strategies for within captivity breeding programs


Is there a field of biology that measures how humans have affected the Earth in general?


Haven’t we known this for thousands of years? War Elephants were bred from captured wild elephants and it’d take 25 years for it start to being useful for war purposes.