Chris Hayes: Today we saw the first arrests of the impeachment era

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> Two Giuliani associates were arrested attempting to leave the country with one-way tickets. Heh…. ha ha ha ha


It’s nuts that we’re witness to the worst Presidency in US history. That’s one kinda cool thing to take away. In fifty years time, people will be asking us for stories of what it was like. And we’ll lean back in our space chairs and take a puff on our lazer pipes, sigh deeply and say “Zork, my child. It was cooked as fuck.”


God, I really hope “Impeachment Era” is the preferred nomenclature instead of something dumb like “Impeachment-Gate”.


Nixon’s resignation started with the arrest of four burglars.


Trump says he doesnt know them despite pictures of *both* with Trump, Pence, Giuliani and another one with Don Jr. Besides the stonewalling, Trump is an investigators dream as far as leaving blatant evidence of his crimes and lies around every corner of the investigation.