Elon Musk says that NASA is free to share all SpaceX IP with “anyone it wants”

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This doesn’t surprise me at all. In recent interviews, Elon has likened the way SpaceX defends itself from competitors with the way the SR-71 survived Soviet missile batteries in the cold war: it had no defenses at all, it simply flew faster than the incoming missiles. Elon pushes SpaceX to iterate on its rockets at such a pace that anyone who starts a new project by copying their *current-generation* products will be far behind by the time they bring it to market.


Looking for an unbiased answer. Is this altruistic or would Elon’s companies benefit somehow when he offers these type of deals?


Launch vehicles and spacecraft systems are restricted items under ITAR export rules. So no, they are not going to “open source” their hardware for the good of mankind or anything like that. This is primarily a gesture of goodwill towards NASA and Boeing, they are willing to let NASA share data on parachute design as both commercial crew spacecraft had issues with that and the contracts are already awarded so SpaceX aren’t losing any money doing so. Plus it’s good PR to say you’re willing to let “NASA share IP with anyone” when you know full well they won’t be allowed to.


I think he may have said in an interview that even if they (SpaceX) were to make everything publicly available, they were iterating so fast that it would be difficult for any other company to become competitive in any way or form.


Here’s what I want to know, dose that mean we should demand that SLS first stage booster be reusable because all the tech is free?