Even more dreadful economic news: Germany’s ailing economy can’t afford a no-deal Brexit

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Germany’s economy is in trouble even if Britain is staying in EU.


Oh, an article from the Spectator saying Germany has to come make a deal. And who, you may ask, is the former editor of the spectator? Why, that would be Boris Johnson, the current PM of the UK who is *desperate* to get out of the EU! I’d take this article with an entire salt shaker. Germany’s economy is shaky, but the onus is on the Johnson government to get its act together and make a deal or (even better) cancel Brexit, not on the Germans. Edit: and I’m not surprised to see a comment section filled with racist fucking comments like “import third world people get third world problems.”


Putin will be so happy.


So they should make a deal…. ?


Hmmmmmmm where have i seen this before….