“Gods not dead” is a horrible movie and is actually Christian Propaganda

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The biggest issue in the movie is projection. The whole plot centers around a professor who asks students to write “God is Dead.” However, things like these NEVER happen in secular schools and colleges. But guess where “faith statements” are often a requirement? That’s right! Religious schools and colleges often make employees (and sometimes students) to sign fairly long and detailed statements of faith or risk their livelihood. The projection is of epic proportions here.


Hell, I LOVE that movie. It’s comedian gold. I mean so. many. tropes. It’s like they actually tried to see what all they could get away with. And Christians ate it up! My favorite scene is when liberal atheist girl goes in for a followup upon finding out she had terminal cancer. Which mysteriously disappears after she accepts the holy Jesus juice. Why Christians thought that was a good thing instead of going to heaven … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just loved it when the doctor asked her if she wanted anyone w/ her. Her mournful reply that she has no-one after her atheist BF broke up w/ her because she “broke their deal” was hysterical. Then they way the camera slowly pans back as sad music plays. Poor little atheist girl. No to hold her. No one to comfort her. No one cares for her. See kids? If you become an atheist, you’ll get cancer and die alone too!


Why were you at all surprised?


I’ve met theists that actually believe the “I hate God because he took my pet cat” ….. is typical atheist thought pattern. Also met a few theists who temporarily got into the “I’d rip pages out of the Bible to use as toilet paper” mode. Neither sort seem to understand that they must still believe in order to have it matter that much.


God Awful Movies episode 54 gives a nice review of the movie. Edit: shout out to u/solidcordon for linking the YouTube version of that episode!