Greek yogurt has become my all-time winner for cheap and healthy

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Once I started using greek yogurt in place of sour cream or mayonnaise my world exploded. It is so flavorful and versatile. I’m talking about dishes like tacos, pasta salad, chicken salad, coleslaw. All 100 times better with Greek yogurt imo.


Do you have any guides on how to make it yourself?


To clarify the Omega 3s, antioxidants and fiber are coming from the added chia seeds and flax seeds- not the yogurt itself.


I love Greek yogurt, but I have a hard time making anything salty or savory with it. Sweet stuff is easy; mix in some fruit, a little bit of honey, anything you’ve got. But when I try to make ranch dip or use it in place of sour cream, it’s hard to get over the “yogurty-ness” of it. Any tips?


Sucks being lactose intolerant ya’ll. Milk makes so many good things from cheese to yogurt to butter to protein shakes. Be grateful.