Merging stars may create the universe’s most powerful magnets. New research suggests colliding stars can form massive and magnetic stars (blue stragglers) that evolve into magnetars — which are neutron stars with absurdly strong magnetic fields that reach 5 quadrillion times the strength of Earth’s.

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For reference, a quadrillion is 1,000 trillions (where a single trillion is 1,000 billions). In other words, the magnetic field around a magnetar would likely shred your entire body at an atomic level just due to magnetism.


Just as note, magnetars are quite rare, for instance in our own galaxy only about ten of them have been identified. Therefore if anyone is wondering what would happens if two of those would collide, we cannot really say. Probably a huge explosion, nothing more.


Is there an upper limit to the strength of a magnetic field? A point where the energies involved to create it would just collapse into a black hole instead?


Could an advanced enough civilization extract energy from such a star?


Would that curve a bullet?