NASA is Building its First Electric Airplane – By exploring technology in electric aircraft, NASA hopes to take a step toward eliminating the carbon footprint from flights. Currently, jet fuel emissions are a major contributor to Earth’s greenhouse gas problem.

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“Jet fuel emissions are a major contributor” ? Not really if I recall well, the footprint isn’t that high with new motors. Since the costs have been the principal factor for the planes’ evolution, jet fuel emissions have a lesser impact than boats or even cars.. But maybe my infos are outdated, then I would be up for a source.


I’m gonna say this , until battery power- density ratio is greatly increased , it will never work , fuel just provides a better power-density ratio , it’s also better to have fuel that burns off than a dead weight from batteries. I can see it working with propellor driven aircraft for short commutes though


Won’t work with current Battery Technology. Storing Methane might be a better way to go. It still produces CO2, but much less


Kinda makes sense. Less moving parts 30k ft above ground.


Surely they collaberated with GE and some of the electric propulsion systems back on the 50’s or 60’s.