Opinion: Trump is creating the worst constitutional crisis in 150 years

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It’s funny to think that this all might not have happened if candidates submitting tax returns was a law and not a gentleman’s agreement.


He tried to start a second US civil war last night with his fascist appeal to cops and military.


I’ll never get over that people looked at him, knowing his reputation, listened to him speak and thought to themselves, “that man should run the United States”. I understand the reasons on an intellectual level: lack of critical thinking, propaganda, fear and hate, etc, but still… It just baffles me from time to time that people that stupid and easily manipulated exist.


The Republicans who are too cowardly to stop him are worse. The world has always had venal men. It is up to decent men to stop them.


No, the GOP is creating the constitutional crisis by helping him. If the GOP had put country before party, Trump wouldn’t even be in office most likely. They continue to facilitate him and his corruption. The system is breaking down because you have an entire party actively working against the system.