People who’ve been kidnapped, how did you survive?

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I was kidnapped by a relative as a small child. I was told to hide in a closet while the police searched for me, and if they found me, they would hurt my kitten. I was found. Kitten & I were returned home safely.


I was kidnapped way before my memories formed so this is all from my parents and the police report. Basically, a lady in the nursing ward decided to give me a “spicy adoption” by hiding me in some sheets and taking me out of the hospital. She was tracked down a few days later and I was handed back to my parents. She didnt mistreat me, aparently I was a healthy normal child and she even bought the expensive stuff in order to take care of me. I got to meet her in my teens, I asked her “why me” and it was because my family hadn’t done the paperwork for me correctly so I was easier to slip out and potentially give her more time to dissapear with me. If you got more questions, feel free to reply to the message and I’ll answer em. Edit: forgot to mention, this was in 1998. I got to meet her when I was 17 in 2015.


I was kidnapped when I was 7. It was by a very dug ridden family member who told me he was bringing me out for icecream. He left me on a bench outside of a bar when the bartender told him he couldn’t bring kids in. It was a dirty biker bar in Las Vegas during the 90’s. I was young, scared and didn’t fully comprehend the situation. I was confused why wr didnt go to an icecream shop. The family member came out with two men that fully fucking terrified me. One of them touched my curly bright red hair and smiled wide. I remember not knowing what to do so I started scream singing Joan Osborne’s “What if god was one of us.” They got freaked when I wouldn’t stop singing and walked back in the bar. I was definitely a weird kid but scream singing as self defense was kind of smart. I was left alone on the bench again when a man walked up and asked me where my parents were. I told him I didn’t get icecream and wanted to go back to my mom but my family member wouldn’t let me. He walked in the bar but came out just a minute later and sat with me until the police arived. 20 years later my mom saw that family member for the first time. He was on end of life hospice care but made it to another family members funeral. When everyone was filtering out he was waiting on the bus home when my mom punched him in the face. I love my mom.


I was “kidnapped” at 17 by goons my parents hired to take me to rehab when they found out I smoked pot. I was eating dinner with my parents when all of a sudden they got up and walked out of the room with no explanation, then a few seconds later two huge guys showed up out of nowhere blocking both the exits to the kitchen and told me to come with them. Since they didn’t identify themselves at all or tell me what was going on, I assumed i was being kidnapped for real, so I grabbed a kitchen stool and started swinging. I took one down but the other guy tackled and handcuffed me. After they forced me into a car, they explained who they were and that they were taking me to a “wilderness program” in Georgia. We were in DC so I spent the next few hours apologizing, sucking up to them, and basically trying to get them as much on my side as possible. It worked because they stopped for food and told me they would take off the handcuffs and let me eat if I promised to behave. I was a model citizen all throughout dinner and when we got back in the car they didn’t put the handcuffs back on. A few hours later we stopped for gas. It was dark by then and I asked to use the bathroom. One guy was filling the car with gas, and I noticed the guy who was escorting me to the bathroom was limping badly (I learned later I shattered his kneecap with the stool) so I figured it was my chance to escape. I made a break for it – I had a good head start on the guy pumping gas and the limping guy couldn’t keep up. I ran into the woods next to the gas station and just kept going. There’s a lot more to the story but I’m on mobile, so long story short I found a road, hitchhiked to the nearest town, and luckily still had my wallet on me to buy a train ticket out of there. I spent the next few months in hiding until I turned 18 and my parents couldn’t touch me anymore.


I was kidnapped at gunpoint along with my younger brother and my early-twenties mother when I was in kindergarten. My father (~40 years old) hadn’t taken the divorce well and already had some psychiatric illness, so he forced us all into his truck and drove us from California to Mexico. At the time my parents told us kids that we were taking a family trip. I remember the drive, shopping in a street market, and being greeted by the flashing lights of police cars when we eventually returned to the states. The police were nice and let us sit in the police car! I remember being excited about that. The next thing I remember was coming home to dead pets (I think just two mice, but still). Then being upset that I had missed picture day in school when I saw the other kids receiving their photos. I’m not sure how long we were in Mexico but maybe that’ll help set the time frame. I’m not sure what would have happened if my father hadn’t decided to take us back.