Rare colorized footage of the first ever space walk by Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov in 1965 . He almost lost his life during the space walk which lasted about 12 minutes. He was connected to the aircraft by a 16ft rope. He died today at 85.

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I wonder what his heart rate was as he let go of the rope.


I’ve read about this and there is another video about this but not only did he fly off like you see but his suit filled up like a balloon. Making movement even harder in that suit.. He had to let pressure out just to fit back inside the space craft! Just amazing!


How is it that he almost lost his life on the spacewalk? Was it because he got all tangled up like that?


Sad to know we lost another space pioneer. FYI, I highly recommend the book Two Sides of the Moon. It’s a split autobiography by both Leonov and David Scott that chronicles their experiences during the space race.


Saw some of his paintings at the museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow, lots of them trees, then ships (as in boats) which I guess he liked, but there were a couple of paintings of the things he saw in space, a sunrise and one of an aurora borealis if I recall correctly. They might have been the most interesting items from the museum, we get a lot of paintings and interpretations of space, but they made me wonder what parts of them are memories and what parts are brought by what he felt there. ​ Отдыхайте, герой… o7