Rudy Giuliani’s relationship with arrested men is subject of criminal investigation: Sources

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They had lunch the day of the take-down, and where probably under surveillance. Also scheduled to meet again outside the country a few days later. Ghouliani is fucked, and his former office (SDNY) will be the ones to take him down.


First Michael Cohen and now Rudy. Trump knows how to get his lawyers thrown in prison.


I wonder if this is the RICO motherlode. There’s a reason the Republican party has abandoned all sanity and gone all in with these traitors.


Of course his relationship is under investigation. We’d all be right to be worried if it weren’t. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. You could have rode off into the proverbial sunset as “America’s mayor”, with people forever remembering you in a positive light. Then you had to hitch your wagon to the orange sphincter and it pulled you off a cliff.


I bet a majority of republicans don’t even know Trump’s personal lawyer (the last one) is in jail right now.