Tasmanians and Victorians the first Australian citizens to have their facial data submitted without consent to Australia’s new large scale, AI based, facial recognition, government surveillance system.

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Thats horrible and it really saddens/worries me to hear about this.


If we find ourselves soon living in a dystopian 1984 nightmare, and they really do come for you, fight. If you find yourself about to be carted away as a dissident, fight. Because you’re not coming back. Kill the police. Kill your captor. Kill anyone that tries to drag you away. Keep this in your mind and hope the day never comes. I told my younger sister this when she started driving alone. If someone grabs you and tries to take you away, kill them. Gouge, scratch, bite. Because if they take you, you’re never coming back.


I’m not surprised what’s happening in China, because it’s China – but this surprises me in a place like Australia, which I just wouldn’t think these types of things would be going on. What’s happening over there that goes into this? Rogue political party taken over? People just complacent?


I’m from Tasmania and to be honest this feels like a huge envasion of privacy.


time to wear heavy makeup or cosplay costumes every time you leave your house …