‘The Public Is Clearly on the Side of Net Neutrality’

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Too bad FCC doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass what the American people want or what’s good for us. They do as they wish and have the big Telcoms bank rolling it all.


The ruling cuts both ways. FCC can make shit rules, but the states can make their own neutrality laws. On paper, Pai won. On the ground, he lost. California, one of the largest economies in the world, home to 11% of the population of the USA alone, passed a huge “Fuck You, Pai!” net neutrality law. Now, Pai has to go fight a Supreme Court ruling that just said they could. That is mos def no win.


Thankfully it looks like at least they can’t stop states from enforcing Net Neutrality. Good for states that recognize free speech on the internet.


The public is pretty stupid