‘There’s no hope for the rest of us.’ Uyghur scientists swept up in China’s massive detentions

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It’s no different from what the Nazis did to the Jews, Gays and Romanians. Yet no one does anything, no trade embargo, no outrage at the UN, no nothing. It’s just business as usual. Something is drastically wrong with our World.


What happened to “Never Again.” Again is here. The hell is real. And the suffering is enormous.


>>“deeply poisoned the minds” of students by approving textbooks … >>sentence: death, with a 2-year reprieve That’s fucked up.


It’s interesting that only the US is taking a stand against this. They have blacklisted people and companies involved. True it’s probably part of the trade war, but still. Where is Europe and the Muslim majority countries ? Why don’t we hear the UN condemning China? I just don’t get how cynical countries are.


Ugh when is the world going to stand up to China and put a end to the mass genocide that is going there right now!!!