TIL Rev. Martin Luther King had really bad handwriting, and after his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was smuggled out of jail on scraps of paper, his deputy Wyatt Tee Walker typed it up because he was the only one who could read it

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I just googled samples of his handwriting. I don’t think it’s that bad at all. He writes in cursive with lots of elongated loops and long tails on letters, but it isn’t “bad” to the point where you can’t read it.


“I have 1 cream.” What the fuck does that mean? Is he ordering coffee or something? Is this really the time? Wait, no I think that’s an “a”. Maybe “I have a drum”?


Thank goodness someone could read it! Dr. King… what a brilliant mind.


Well, he was a doctor, wasn’t he?


I bet he just made stuff up. Yeah I’m the only one who can read it, it says this.