TIL that a 14-year-old boy who went missing in Belgium in 1999, was found alive and well 20 years later. He spoke little French, and had no contacts when he vanished. It turned out that he’d ran away from home to make a new life for himself, and didn’t want to have any contact with his old family.

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That’s honestly impressive. He should write a book about this, using a fake name and everything. I bet it’ll even become a movie someday.


I wonder if his parents are still alive and what they’d say… It says that he left because of the home atmosphere, I’m guessing it was pretty bad if you didn’t want to see your mom or dad, nor care what they of their child leaving them forever.


I wonder what the first few years were like. Did he find a new family that treated him as a child, pretend to be an adult, or live a chaotic life?


Most teenagers fantasize about running away from home and the rest try it then come home with their tail between their legs less than 24 hours later. This madlad actually pulled it off


Most kids don’t have contacts. Even if he did, it would have had a hard time finding a solution. On top of that, switching from glasses would make him harder to recognize.