TIL the Haya People of Tanzania have been forging steel for over 2000 years. Investigation of their land led to the discovery of ancient furnaces that were then carbon dated and found to be around 2000 years old.

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Supposedly any time you smelt iron you also get a little bit of steel. It’s just a matter of getting enough steel to be useful, or knowing how to forge out the impurities. I wonder how Hayan steel would have compared to the kind of stuff made elsewhere in the world at that time, and/or if it’d compete with steel made 1000 or more years later.


really liking her braids & face paint


That is interesting. What did they do with the steel? Are there steel artifacts?


So they must know the “Riddle of Steel”.


Didn’t everyone have steel around that time? 2000 years isn’t that long ago.