Tim Cook Defends Decision to Remove Hong Kong Maps App in Memo

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What a bullshit excuse. Tim Cook took the wrong side in this and I hope people don’t forget.


Yes, pissing off China would lose Apple a lot of future income, but pissing off North America and Europe is gonna lose them even more money.


What Bullshit. Fuck you Tim.


Apple wants you to believe that they are simply refusing to host content they don’t like. Don’t believe their lies. Apple goes far above simply not being the host. They actively prevent you from loading any software that they do not approve of. Apple could very well allow you to download this app from a third-party source, but they go to great lengths to block you from doing this because *reasons*. Because of this decision, arbitrarily “choosing not to host” anti-fascist content is an endorsement of fascism.


So Apple, with 365 Billion in assets and 107 billion in equity can’t manage to weather the storm in the name of democracy and freedom? I keep seeing “well Apple needs China”, guess what? The more companies that pull business from China the more likely the narrative will switch to “China needs the companies”. What the fuck is wrong with the world when (I can’t believe I’m typing this) Donald Fucking Trump is leading a charge against China and seems to be one of the few unafraid. I definitely see him using this as a campaign platform which is scary because it could definitely sway some younger/swing voters.