Truly disgusting. All three candidates for governor in Louisiana explaining exactly what they would tell women impregnated through rape. Neither one of the Republican candidates, nor the Democrat incumbent believe in ANY exceptions to a ban on abortion for ANY reason.

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I know it’s uncomfortable for them because they think terminating a pregnancy is “killing one of God’s / Allah’s / Vishnu’s children”, but to force a woman to bring a child with serious birth defects or product of incest / rape to term seems not only heartless but impractical from an ethical and financial standpoint. They’re saving one potential life by destroying another’s.


A purge is needed


See, I actually appreciate these people for bringing the crazy out into the light. I’ve always thought the “banned except for blank” crowd were hypocrites. If the fetus is a person, then why would it matter how it came to be? I like the “no exceptions” people, because I think by not allowing a cop-out, these Bill’s can be more easily defeated.


Ask them if they would allow an abortion if their own daughters got pregnant from rape by a brown / black person.


Love the embryo, hate the woman