Trump loses appeal to stop House subpoena of his tax documents

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My guess is he has no money.


The gall of this man. He bothered the last sitting president relentlessly for a birth certificate. Show the fucking tax docs.


Im actually sort of curious what his financials are tbqh. This is an apolitical comment


Fighting pretty hard for a man who claims he has nothing to hide and totally wants to release his taxes.


You know what is actually scary….. Naomi Rao’s dissenting opinion. Now before you think “oh she is a Trump Appointee, so no surprise” It’s less to do with Trump and more to do with the fact that she is a member of The Federalist Society. Aka the people who recommend judges to McConnell and last time I checked Noel Francisco was also apart of it. If you read her dissenting opinion, she basically argues that the president can’t be investigated outside of an impeachment inquiry Also, of note, Brett Kavanaugh and I believe Gorsuch are from the same group. Kavanaugh also make a ridiculous ruling that makes no sense regarding another case sometime earlier this year. I have no idea if Gorsuch did any “illlogical rulings” Hopefully, whenever Dems take House and Senate they impeach some of those activist judges that Trump Supporters like to complain about. Because if Judges like Rao are still on the court and not impeached, the GOP will just challenge whatever they can in court and hope they get lucky with a Federalist Society Court If and when they lose the Senate and House. And even if the The Federalist Society starts favoring Democrats that are President, how much power is going to be taken from Legislative and given to the Executive. The Executive Branch is a literal crapfest right now. DeVos is gritting money and defying a court order in order to enrich herself. The State Department is a mess. and The DOJ are now the Department of President Judicial Defense. And then we have are acting Cabinet members