What’s the biggest plot hole you’ve seen in a movie?

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The Little mermaid signing a contract and losing her voice do she couldn’t communicate with Price Eric. Write him a damn note, you have flawless writing and you composed a damn song with a full aquatic orchestra.


The age of the Beast in beauty and the beast. How did Disney not catch it? The flower lasts until his 21st birthday. The candle says they’ve been rusting for 10 years. That bitch cursed an entire castles worth of people because an *eleven* year old was selfish or superficial or whatever it was. He would have been in elementary school!


In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, with a high morbidity rate, who exactly built a city size maze so that a bunch of teenagers can figure out how to escape it?


Any post-apocalypse movie. The lawns are always mowed. Nobody’s going to be mowing their lawn and the lawn of all their dead neighbors after the shit hits the fan.


The stigmata scene in The Butterfly Effect, where Ashton Kutcher goes back and impales his hands so that the dude in prison will help him. It completely undermines the entire premise of the movie. Not only would he have had the scars on his hands the entire time, he probably wouldn’t even be in the same situation to begin with. Everything would be different if he changed something in the past. That’s the whole point of the film—the butterfly effect!